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Lifestyle Albums by Album Title

Aromatherapy ~ Dan Oliver

Aromatherapy ~ Geraint Hughes

Baby Massage ~ Katie Hope

Baby Sleep ~ Alain Pierre

Bathtime Bliss ~ Mike Vickerage, D & C Lacroix

Beyond The Sky ~ Chris Glassfield

Bitter Sweet ~ Jerry Playle

Black Velvet ~ Seraph Choir

Born Free Classics ~ Chris Glassfield

Born Free Compilation ~ Various Artists

But Beautiful ~ Grant Martin

Calmatherapy ~ Geraint Hughes

Celestial Contact ~ Steinar Lund

Celtic Abbey ~ Mark Waterman

Celtic Christmas ~ Various Artists

Celtic Dawn ~ The Kells

Celtic Dreams ~ Eammon Kavanagh

Celtic Echoes ~ The Kells

Celtic Guitar ~ Stuart Anthony & Steve Hall

Celtic Journey ~ Mark Britten

Celtic Renaissance ~ Mark Britten

Celtic Rhythms ~ Julian Gregory &Border Spirit

Celtic Spirit ~ Mark Britten

Celtic Voices ~ The Kells

Celtic Voyage ~ The Kells

Chill Out For The Body ~ Jono Buchanan

Chill Out For The Mind ~ Jonn Savannah

Chill Out For The Spirit ~ Michael Vickerage & Andrew Philips

Christmas In Africa ~ Seraph Choir

Classical Nature ~ Bob Edwards

Classics For Relaxation ~ Mike Stobbie

Come Away ~ Emily Shreve

Day Dreaming ~ Mark Waterman

Day Review ~ Chris Tyce & Steinar Lund

Deep Blue Rhapsody ~ Christian & Didier Lacroix

Dolphin Dreaming ~ Mike Stobbie

Dream Catcher ~ Nana Raven

Echoes Of Africa ~ Rabbit ~ Sungura

Elements ~ Nicci Berry

Enchantment ~ I'nia

Enlightenment ~ Paul Stroud & Steve Hellaby

Eternal Forest ~ Michael Roberts

Fairy Garden ~ John Bundrick

Feng Shui ~ Oliver Wright

Feng Shui Garden ~ Paul Cheneour & Melissa Holding

Free Mind ~ Mark Allaway & Mike Eaves

Ganesh Lounge ~ Lund, Hughes, Hartley &Raphael

Garden Bliss ~ Chris Glassfield

Garden Fiesta ~ Pete Thoms & Micho

Holistic Massage ~ John Hartley

In Blue ~ Alan Broadbent & Martin York

In Search Of The Spirit ~ Oliver Gillespie

Innamoramento ~ Various Artists

Innocence ~ Katie Hope

Le Grand Bleu ~ Jonn Savannah

Mantra ~ Oliver Wright

Mantra - Words Of Power ~ Steinar Lund

Massage ~ Dan Oliver

Moccasin Warrior ~ John Bundrick

Moccasin Warrior II ~ John Bundrick

Monet's Garden ~ Bob Edwards

Moon Tears ~ Peter Willmott

Night & Day ~ Nick Penny

Oceania ~ Oliver Wright

Pause & Relax ~ Various Artists

Pilates ~ Katie Hope

Powernap ~ Helen Rhodes

Precious Moments ~ Mike Roberts

Pure Classics ~ Oliver Wright

Pure Peace ~ Katie Hope

Quiet Days ~ Brendan O’Neil

Pure Relaxation ~ Helen Rhodes

Reflexology ~ Chris Glassfield

Reiki ~ George Raphael

Reiki ~ Mike Vickerage

Reiki 2 ~ George Raphael

Sexual Alchemy ~ Steinar Lund

Shamanic Spirit ~ Alvin Kramer

Shiatsu ~ Oliver Chung

Silent Whispers ~ Mark Britten

Simple Pleasures ~ John Hartley

Sleep ~ Helen Rhodes

Spa ~ Joseph Wade

Spirit Of The Wolf ~ Taylor Crow

Still Time ~ Katie Hope

Tai Chi ~ Katie Hope

Tantric Sex ~ Jonn Savannah

The Mystery Of Runes ~ Steinar Lund

The River ~ Geraint Hughes

The Way Of Ch'i ~ Steinar Lund

Timeless Sea ~ Peter Willmott

Transformation - Reiki 3 ~ George Raphael

Travellers Tales From Africa ~ David & Phil Massey

Travellers Tales From Antarctica ~ David & Phil Massey

Travellers Tales From Atlantis ~ Eric James

Visions Of Serengeti ~ Alan Blackmore

Vision Of The Shaman ~ William Presland

Watercolours ~ Jonn Savannah

With The Dolphins ~ John Bundrick

Yoga ~ Katie Hope

Zen Garden ~ Colin Willsher

Zensuality ~ Aric Sigman & Geraint Hughes

Zulu Voices ~ George Raphael

Latest Release

Medicine Woman album cover

Medicine Woman

Emily Shreve

A deeply soulful and fascinating tribute to the spirit of the Native American Indian culture.

Emily Shreve not only captures the spirit of the Native American people but also uses their distinct voices and tribal chants to bring positivity, joy and enlightenment.