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Our albums are also available in digital format via Amazon & iTunes.

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NorthStar Music has two sampler CDs which are a wonderful introduction to our two music ranges.

Each CD can be purchased as a digital download from the iTunes website.

Choosing the right relaxing music has never been easier. Introduce relaxing sounds into your life and enjoy taking the time out for yourself.

Be Inspired is a collection of the latest music tracks from NorthStar Music.

Be Inspired album cover Relaxing, uplifting and always inspirational it will take you on an inner journey of pure wellbeing and peace.

Contains 23 full length tracks making the album a wonderful compilation in its own right.

MP3 Downloads from


NSMCD313 Be Inspired
01 Celestial Eye from Celestial Contact
02 Nada Brahma from Ganesh Lounge
03 Supernice from In Blue
04 Listening from Chill Out For The Mind
05 Destiny's Door from Transformation
06 Celestial Hands from Reiki II
07 Flow from Chill Out For The Spirit
08 Solar Fires from Chill Out For The Body
09 The Garden of Rama from Silent Whispers
10 Ho Shoo Ha Shoo from Enlightenment
11 Shakti Trance from Sexual Alchemy
12 Summer Stream from Monet's Garden
13 Day Review from Day Review
14 Roaming Swan from Holistic Massage
15 Hannah's Prayer from Precious Moments
16 Ripples of Life from Dolphin Dreaming
17 Sheng Ch'i from The Way of Ch'i
18 Aum from Mantra, Words of Power
19 Script On The Stone from Mystery of Runes
20 Day's End from Night & Day
21 Dancing On The Lake from Enchanted Garden
22 Pachelbel Canon in D from Innamoramento
23 Earth Diving from Shamanic Spirit

Ambiente is a music series designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle through the discovery of the healing benefits of music and alternative therapies.

The Sound of Wellbeing cover

The soothing melodies of Ambiente will help to relax the mind, lift the spirit and re-energise the body by encouraging an inner calm and natural within.

This album contains samples of all current Ambiente releases.

MP3 Downloads from


AMB0221 The Sound Of Wellbeing
01 Candlelight from Simple Pleasures
02 Ocean Horizons from Pure Relaxation
03 Through The Blue from Pure Peace
04 Fantasy Impromptu from Pure Classics
05 Sun God from Yoga
06 Expand from Tai Chi
07 On The Shores of Forever from Pilates
08 Dream Dragon from Zen Garden
09 Fire Dragon from Shiatsu
10 Healing Hands from Reiki
11 Essential Touch from Aromatherapy
12 The Serpent of Insight from Reflexology
13 Synergy from Massage
14 Dance of the Guru from Tantric Sex
15 Enlighten from Mantra
16 Hypnos from Sleep
17 Devas & Dolphins from Spa
18 Del Mare from Le Grand Bleu
19 Elements from Feng Shui
20 Homeage to Himalaya from Enchantment

"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without" - Confucius

Latest Release

Medicine Woman album cover

Medicine Woman

Emily Shreve

A deeply soulful and fascinating tribute to the spirit of the Native American Indian culture.

Emily Shreve not only captures the spirit of the Native American people but also uses their distinct voices and tribal chants to bring positivity, joy and enlightenment.