Wellbeing - Ambiente
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Tags: Album, Ambiente, CD, Helen, Joseph, Relax, Relaxation, Rest, Restful, Rhodes, Spa, Wade, Water

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Spa album cover


Joseph Wade & Helen Rhodes


CD £4.95

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Album Description

Water has been considered essential for physical and spiritual wellbeing throughout history.

It has the ability to heal and soothe, and when used with knowledge and skill, it can make a tremendous difference to how we feel.

In this inspired album comes the ultimate marriage between music and water.

Rich orchestrations supporting themes of wondrous beauty will make this 'water music' an essential album in any collection.

CD Track List

  1. Amazon Angels  (9:02)
  2. Mahler's Adagietto  (12:09)
  3. Water Whispers  (5:37)
  4. Ulija  (7:55)
  5. Devas & Dolphins  (8:43)
  6. Turtle Dreamer  (7:52)
  7. Vocation  (8:11)
  8. Kushka  (6:53)
  9. Waiting For Blue  (7:22)

All tracks written, performed & produced by Joseph Wade & Helen Rhodes

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