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Celtic Echoes album cover

Celtic Echoes

The Kells


CD £4.95

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Album Description

A truly traditional album of Celtic music featuring one of the most respected Celtic bands The Kells.

Button Accordion, Uillean Pipes, Violin, Whistles and Guitar, all played with the passion and virtuosity of the true ethnic musician, will bring alive the traditions and sheer musical joy inherent in the Celts.

Featuring traditional favourites including Londonderry Air, Carrick Fergus and She Moves Through The Fair, Celtic Echoes will transport you to the mist covered mountains and green hills of the Emerald Isle every time it is played.

CD Track List

  1. Arran  (4:40)
  2. Londonderry Air  (4:01)
  3. Jeannie O'Connell  (6:13)
  4. The Dawning Of The Day  (3:46)
  5. Carrick Fergus  (4:04)
  6. The Cliffs Of Dooneen  (4:02)
  7. Banks Of Red Roses  (4:40)
  8. Red Is The Rose  (2:29)
  9. Glory Oh  (6:37)
  10. Sam Hall  (5:42)
  11. She Moves Through The Fair  (5:28)

Performed by The Kells
Produced by Stuart Anthony

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