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Ambiente CD Album Range for Wellbeing

Ambiente is a music series designed to help you live a healthier lifestyle through the discovery of the healing benefits of music and alternative therapies.

The soothing melodies of Ambiente will help to relax the mind, lift the spirit and re-energise the body by encouraging an inner calm and natural within.

Aromatherapy album page


Dan Oliver

Come Away album page

Come Away

Emily Shreve

Feng Shui album page

Feng Shui

Oliver Wright

Free Mind album page

Free Mind

Mark Allaway & Mike Eaves

Le Grand Bleu album page

Le Grand Bleu

Jonn Savannah

Mantra album page


Oliver Wright

Massage album page


Dan Oliver

Pause & Relax album page

Pause & Relax

Various Artists

Pilates album page


Katie Hope

Powernap album page


Helen Rhodes

Pure Classics album page

Pure Classics

Oliver Wright

Pure Peace album page

Pure Peace

Katie Hope

Pure Relaxation album page

Pure Relaxation

Helen Rhodes

Quiet Days album page

Quiet Days

Brendan O’Neil

Reflexology album page


Chris Glassfield

Reiki album page


Mike Vickerage

Shiatsu album page


Oliver Chung

Simple Pleasures album page

Simple Pleasures

John Hartley

Sleep album page


Helen Rhodes

Spa album page


Joseph Wade & Helen Rhodes

Still Time album page

Still Time

Katie Hope

Tai Chi album page

Tai Chi

Katie Hope

Tantric Sex album page

Tantric Sex

Jonn Savannah

Watercolours album page


Jonn Savannah

Yoga album page


Katie Hope

Zen Garden album page

Zen Garden

Colin Willsher

Latest Release

Medicine Woman album cover

Medicine Woman

Emily Shreve

A deeply soulful and fascinating tribute to the spirit of the Native American Indian culture.

Emily Shreve not only captures the spirit of the Native American people but also uses their distinct voices and tribal chants to bring positivity, joy and enlightenment.