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Vera Lynn & The Swingtime Sweethearts

A new song featuring Dame Vera Lynn and 1940s singing duo, The Swingtime Sweethearts, is hoping to raise much needed funds for two well deserving charities.

The song, written by Grahame Maclean and Tony Halligan, is called “Not Forgotten” and features a heartfelt plea from the Forces Sweetheart, urging us all to remember the sacrifices made by our brave servicemen and women, from past and present conflicts.

Not Forgotten is released on December 3rd 2009, and will be launched at the Annual NFA Christmas Party at St.James' Palace London.

All proceeds from the song are being divided between the Not Forgotten Association for Ex-Service and Currently-Serving War Disabled, and The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children With Cerebral Palsy.

The Swingtime Sweethearts, who have been entertaining veterans all over the country for the last 3 years, said “This project would not have materialised, had it not been for the kind generosity of all those involved. Their willingness to give their time and talents with such good hearts, has been overwhelming and we are all very grateful.

About The Charities

The NFA provides disabled ex–Servicemen and women with entertainment in the form of concerts, televisions, outings, holidays and garden parties.

They also provide televisions and licenses for people with restricted mobility, enable veterans to make pilgrimages to the battlefields to remember fallen comrades and help young veterans of more recent conflicts to compete in sports for the disabled.

Her Majesty The Queen graciously allows the Association to hold a summer Garden Party in the gardens of Buckingham Palace each year and a Christmas Party for more than 1500 War Pensioners in the State Apartments of St James's Palace.

The DVLT School for Parents works in partnership with parents to educate young children with cerebral palsy or associated motor learning difficulties and allied learning needs. It is currently supporting around 60 families.

The Trust relies entirely on voluntary donations to meet the annual £450,000 running costs.

Those involved include:

NorthStar Music
The Central Band Of The Royal British Legion
Angel Studios
The Challock Primary School Choir
West End Kids

Extra musicians who have contributed their time:
Pete Willmott
Ben Laver
Henry Gorman
Richard Young
John Elleson-Hartley

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Not Forgotten album cover

“In my lifetime, our world has been shaped by two all consuming wars. World War I was dubbed the war to end all wars, and World War II was the most destructive war in history.

“It seems that hardly a year, or even a day, has gone by where we have not been involved in some form of conflict. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends.

“I have witnessed the pain, anguish, and sacrifice, that is made by so many people; be it families and loved ones at home or our young men and women on active service in the jungles of Bhurma or in the arid landscape of Afganistan.

“The children of the past have paved the way for the children of the future and we should always remember the sacrifices made by others for us in the past. We have given the gift of memories, happy, sad, reflective, the joy of a child, the despair of losing someone you love.

“So our legacy is to remember, and for children of future generations to remember."

Dame Vera Lynn (October 2009)

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